Monday, February 15, 2010

It is the beginning of week 3. We were going strong, but life and work is getting in the way. I have been getting up Monday through Friday at 4:30 to meet the team at the gym and then trying to get back in the afternoon. It is all about fine tuning what we are doing to meet our individual needs. I have only lost 4 pounds and have felt a little defeated. I felt I had put forth a lot of effort and energy in working out and planing my meals. then, I took a step back and realized all the good that is coming from my efforts. For instance, I can actually go 45 minutes on the elliptical machine without being totally exhausted. I fell better. I am sleeping better. I eat better. All of this hard work is making me healthier, which is on the inside and soon will make a bigger difference on the outside. so, to all of you who are struggling with results, keep on keeping takes time. Eydie

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  1. Eydie, you have the right attitude! Weight is just one part of the equation, and it sounds like you are realizing the side benefits to being healthier as well!